About Us
Qwikcast - weather delivered.

We provide weather forecasts and news stories about weather, travel, and a little science thrown in just for fun.

Our goal is to simplify the way weather information is presented - to make the weather easy to access and understandable to everyone without a lot of gobbledygook on the page.

My name is Harry Stockman. For over 30 years, I reported the weather for television and radio audiences in the Bay Area and throughout the West.

I founded Qwikcast because I thought there was a better way to present the weather.

Have you noticed how many weather sites over load their pages with information? Forecasts, observations, detailed forecasts, history, etc. displayed on one page. Sometimes its hard to find what you want.

Qwikcast presents a snapshot of each weather element. For example, the five day weather forecast is one page, current conditions on another, 10 day, hourly forecasts, and so on. Each element has its own page.

The website functions like a mobile app allowing the user to quickly access and customize their weather page so you get only the information you want, when you want it.

You can edit each of the weather pages by clicking on Settings, selecting the content you want to display, then click Done.

You can Save your location or a number of locations as a link in the right hand column. Note, that your recent searches are saved as links. You can edit the number of links you wish to keep in Settings.

Our next focus is on travel. Qwikcast makes forecasts for 100,000 cities, towns, national and state parks, ski resorts, and sport venues worldwide. We have a forecast for wherever you want to go.

When you check the forecast for your destination city, you will find links to nearby popular locations that you may want to visit. For example, if you're flying to San Francisco, you will find links to the best golf courses, stadiums, parks, and ski resorts.

You can check the weather at any of the major airports by searching for the four-letter code for that airport. For example, KSFO is the code for San Francisco International Airport. KSMF is Sacramento International Airport.

If you do not know your airport code, look at the three-letter code on your luggage tag, then add K to the three-letter code.

In addition to weather forecasts, current weather, maps, and travel conditions, we do the occasional science story.

We answer questions about how the weather works, next month's meteor shower, global warming, volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. In other words, we cover the earth and physical sciences.

If you have a question, write Harry Stockman at support@qwikcast.com.